• Martin Luther and the Gospel

    grant.r.castleberry Sep 14, 2015

    For at its briefest, the gospel is a discourse about Christ, that he is the Son of God and became man for us, that he died and was raised, that he has been established as a Lord over all things. Martin Luther As believers, pursuing Christ in the midst of this progressive, secular age, we must […]

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  • The Blessings of Children

    grant.r.castleberry Aug 05, 2015

    After reading this inspiring post from Rachel Jankovic, I thought a lot today about the joy that my own children bring to my life. Without any qualification, they are an incredible blessing, for which I would not trade for anything. Thinking of Psalm 123:7, “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward […]

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  • Why I am Excited about Buck Run Baptist Church

    grant.r.castleberry Jul 21, 2015

    This year has been a roller-coaster ride that has brought incredible blessing and also vast changes. I am going to do a separate post that chronicles many of those, but I wanted to use this post to update family and friends about a new position that I am very excited to be starting at Buck Run Baptist […]

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  • Fathers, Love Your Children

    grant.r.castleberry Jul 17, 2015

    By buying into the homosexual movement, the culture has implicitly said that the uniqueness of fatherhood and motherhood does not really matter. The Bible, however, places maximum value on both a father and a mother in a child’s life. Let’s zero in on the Christian view of fatherhood as we seek to rebuild a marriage […]

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  • Flight 370 “Ended in the Southern Indian Ocean”

    grant.r.castleberry Mar 24, 2014

    Note: Since posting this article, I was made aware of the story of Philip Wood, a man from Keller, Texas, who was aboard MH#370. His two sons, Chris and Nick, are both Texas Aggies and are both in/have been in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. You can see them talk about their dad here. […]

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  • Church Discipline and the Mercy of the Good Shepherd

    grant.r.castleberry Mar 22, 2014

    The Church is the only God-ordained institution that will last for eternity. In a sense, that brings a great amount of legitimacy and authority to the church, that no other institution has. Ironically, I think there is more legitimacy and authority than most pastors and Christians realize, because most “churches” do not fit the simple requirements […]

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  • How Complementarian Teaching Shaped My Life

    grant.r.castleberry Mar 11, 2014

    This article can be found in it’s entirety at The Gospel Coalition. I hope you read the editor’s note at the beginning and consider joining us at CBMW’s National Conference. Editors’ note: We hope you’ll join our friends at the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood at their inaugural national conference on Tuesday, April 8, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST. Addressing […]

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  • Assurance of Salvation and the Testimony of the Spirit

    grant.r.castleberry Mar 04, 2014

    One of the greatest blessings in the Christian life is having assurance of salvation. Assurance cannot be given from another person, because ultimately, the reality of assurance is found as the believer reads the Word of God, sees the evidence of the Spirit in his or her own life, and as they experience the internal […]

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  • Mark Dever’s Lectures at Dallas Theological Seminary

    grant.r.castleberry Feb 09, 2014

    Dr. Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. did a series of four lectures last week at Dallas Theological Seminary for their W.H. Griffith Thomas Memorial Lectureship series. The first lecture is on Richard Sibbes’ view of the primacy of the gospel and preaching in the church, the second lecture is on […]

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  • Bible Translations and Bible Reading

    grant.r.castleberry Feb 03, 2014

    One of the classes I am taking this semester at Southern Seminary is Advanced Greek Grammar with Dr. Peter Gentry. One of the items of discussion last week was Bible translation, particularly from Greek to English. Dr. Gentry explained that all English translations try to match the codes of language (Greek, Hebrew) with the codes […]

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  • Message on Matt 18:15-20 “The Love, Authority, and Power Christ gives his church”

    grant.r.castleberry Jan 31, 2014

    I am doing the pastoral internship program at our church, Kenwood Baptist, in Louisville. Part of that program involves a preaching cycle where the interns cover topics relating to ecclesiology with each other and Dr. Denny Burk, an elder at Kenwood. Here is my sermon from this morning on Matthew 18:15-20, which is a passage […]

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  • 54 Years Today

    grant.r.castleberry Jan 06, 2014

    This past Sunday I had the opportunity to teach my Grandpa Castleberry’s Sunday School Class at First Baptist Church of Lake Jackson, Texas. I am so grateful that my grandpa gave me this opportunity for several reasons: 1) I love to teach the Word of God (I taught on Psalm 27), and 2) I had […]

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